Electric vehicles are failing to attract female buyers in this country: Study


Despite the increasing demand and growing positive consumer sentiment, electric vehicle manufacturers are struggling to attract female buyers in the US, revealed a study by S&P Global Mobility. The study has claimed that while the industry average for car buyers is 41.2 per cent in favour of women, the percentage drops to 28 per cent for electric vehicles.

The study further claimed that Tesla represented female car buyers most among the electric vehicle manufacturers. However, in the case of the Elon Musk-led auto company as well, only one-third of its buyers were women in 2022. The study further shows that, on average, 33.1 per cent of Tesla car buyers were female in 2022. Among other EV manufacturers, Polestar was in the second position with 24.7 per cent female buyer representation, followed by Lucid with 19.5 per cent and Rivian with 14.5 per cent.

The study further claimed that the abovementioned figures are comparable to male-focused pickup truck brands such as Ram and General Motors. It also stated that supercar manufacturers like Bugatti and Mclaren are the only brands with a more male-dominated consumer mix than Rivian. Interestingly, Rivian is the only EV startup that is focused on the pickup truck range. This could be a reason behind the brand’s low number of women buyers.

However, the study reveals that even the Tesla Model Y, which is positioned in a segment that is traditionally popular among women buyers, doesn’t do well, with only 35 per cent female consumer representation among its buyers.

Speaking about the findings of the study, Marc Bland, chief diversity officer of S&P Global Mobility, said that women are more concerned about range anxiety and safety than men. Keeping this fact in focus, the EV manufacturers need to do much more, Bland said. He also stated that the solution to this issue might come from mainstream automakers like Ford, GM, and Volkswagen.

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