SundayGrids and IONAGE team together to introduce a digital solar EV charging platform.


The well-known eMobility service provider IONAGE has introduced an EV charging platform powered by digital solar in partnership with SundayGrids, a digital solar platform. With the help of this platform, EV owners may conveniently use solar electricity to charge their cars at any time or place.
Since its founding in 2021, IONAGE has grown to become a powerful force assisting companies, CPOs, and owners of electric vehicles on their path to sustainable mobility. In a press statement, the firm stated that it has expanded its nationwide network of charging stations to 3,000 as of right now, with plans to add 3,000 in the upcoming two quarters and more than 100,000 by 2028.

Co-founder and CEO of IONAGE Technologies, Vimal Kumar, stated: “We are steadfast in our resolve to close significant gaps that stand in India’s way of achieving net zero emissions.” We are pushing India closer to its aggressive carbon emission targets by increasing the widespread adoption of sustainable mobility through cutting-edge goods like digital solar.”
The unique feature of the platform is that it enables owners of electric cars to subscribe to and utilize digital solar credits at home chargers and on any charging network linked to the IONAGE platform. According to the announcement, it also gives charging point operators (CPOs) a chance to connect with IONAGE’s 65,000 subscribers and facilitate digital solar-based charging on their network.
SundayGrids is honored to work with IONAGE to develop the first digital electric vehicle charging platform in India that is powered by solar energy. Together, we are changing how solar energy is perceived and made accessible, enabling people and companies to adopt clean energy solutions, according to Matthew Samuel, co-founder of SundayGrids.

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